Producers, Agents & Managers: Never lose track of another phone call, project, submission or coverage with Office Guru.
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From the creators of comes Office Guru, the totally integrated FileMaker Pro office management system created by and for busy TV and film producers.
Easily record, manage, file and retrieve every kind of data that flows through your office every day from one integrated, secure database.
Seamless Integration
Built with FileMaker Pro, each Office Guru module is linked to every other module, so there’s no duplicated data entry (or worse, digging through stacks of old submissions to find a phone number or email address). And the modules can be shared. So you can stay connected and in-the-know even when your assistant isn’t around.
Office Guru can’t replace your valued assistant. But Office Guru can make your assistant far more effective and more efficient. And that will make your life a lot easier.
Stay on top of your office—with Office Guru, Hollywood’s office management software.
For more info on Office Guru, e-mail us or call us at (800) 504-8479
Phone calls: Who called, when, why, and what was said
Incoming & Outgoing Submissions: Spec, Available, Sample—who sent it, when, and what action you took (or need to take)
Contacts: Complete, searchable contact information for Executives, Producers, Directors, Talent, Writers, Agents, Freelance Readers, Assistants and anyone else who’s important to your project’s success
People Activity: History and
details of every interaction you’ve had with everyone in your Contacts
Project Activity: History and
details of phone calls, meetings, revisions, critiques, submissions, to-dos and more